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Blue's Clues - I'm so excited!

Ok, I'm so middle-aged and I'm just going to have to face it.

My third child is now in her Blue's Clues phase and it coincides perfectly with bedroom decor I had from the previous child who was into the little blue doggie and her green-stripe loving master, Steve. Of course, I've always agreed with my kiddos that Steve is da bomb. What woman wouldn't love a man who entertains her children with silly songs, games and educational opportunities? I think Steve is every woman's dream come true. Ok, ok. Maybe THAT is an exaggeration, but I'd do him. Ok, maybe I can't because of the little gold band, but one can have her dreams, can't she? Ok, ok ... so Steve Burns is not what most women are fantasizing about, but cut me some slack. He can be right up there in between Aragorn and Legolas *meow* and Kelsey Grammar. Yeah, I know. My fantasy life is lacking if I'm bouncing between Steve, Frazier and LOTR. What can I say? The knights of the round table from King Arthur rank up there, too. I either like them smart, dirty or taking care of my kids ... oooooh, that describes my man on a weekend! I like HIM, too. Dammit. I did it again - off on a tangent.

Better sit in my thinking chair and think. ;)

Anyway. Sarah's room is now in Blue's Clues. Robert went through a Blue's Clues stage, as did Dylan. Robert even went as Steve on Halloween in 2000. I'll have to find that picture and post it. Damn, he was cute. I have pictures of both boys in Steve shirts - the green striped rugby shirt - in front of those cheesey Sears photo backgrounds. I love it! So, who loves Blue's Clues more? Mom or the kids? I think it is even. I like this show. It doesn't numb my brain like some children's shows and the little dog is cute, Steve is cute. Even the new guy, Joe, isn't that bad, but he pisses me off more than Steve did. *shrug* Not everyone can be Steve.

So, the lovefest for Steve started back in 1996 when Blue's Clues first hit the scene on Nickelodeon. But, it has grown as he has loved each of my children through the orange Nickelodeon videos that have given meaning to my VCR. Steve and Blue encouraged my speech-delayed child to try and talk and interact with the characters. I'm not sure if they really taught my exceptional middle child anything, but boy he loved them. That Halloween we weren't sure if he'd be Steve or Slim Shady, but he liked Steve, so we went with it. And, now Baby No. 3 squeals in delight when the paw print appears on the screen to signal the start of the game. Boo's coos, she tells me. Mama, I want Boo's coos. How can you NOT love a show that makes your 21-month-old daughter do that? Plus, he plays the King in a story in one episode and his rendition is that of Elvis as The King ... I laugh EVERY time I see it. I can't help it.

Ok, back to what triggered this post. Steve Burns, himself, left the show a year or two ago to pursue other things. He is a normal guy. He doesn't always shave, his hairline is receding and he didn't want to ALWAYS be known as Steve from Blue's Clues, although he knows it is/was his bread and butter and appreciates that unlike some of my Star Trek actors who think they're too good for conventions. But, THAT is another blog entry. Anyway. Steve is a wannabe indie rock star and I want to help him reach that status. He has an album, er, dating myself again, CD out now. I've heard a few tracks off of it and I like it. My oldest saw some of the clips on the Today show one day and he liked it, too. So, Steve is going to play at Hailey's in Denton this Saturday night. I am SOOOO there. I can't wait. I may even take some kind of Blue's Clues memorabilia to have him sign it. We have no less than three Blue dolls in the house. We have Tickity Tock the clock, we have numerous books .... oooh, I have it ... I'm going to go buy a new Handy Dandy Notebook and have him sign it if I can. Maybe he'll sign my saggy old boob ... he can't have TOO many groupies younger than 35, can he?

Go check out his wacky website and listen to a few tracks ... he is on tour.


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