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Busy day ahead

Not a lot of time to blog before I have to hit the road with the kids today. We're heading to Cowtown to see the endocrinologist. Pickle (the oldest of the children) is growing so fast that we are having a hard time keeping his medication regulated. In case you didn't know, he has a birth defect called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH for short) and has to take medication to replace Cortisol, a crucial chemical in our bodies, because his body doesn't make it. So, we're going for a check up. We had bloodwork last week. AOM's best friend is going to watch the two little ones during the doctor's visit, which can entail a lengthy wait. Then, we're going to pick up some hand-me-downs for Pickle from another of AOM's dear friends while we're there.

But, it only picks up steam from there. Then, we head home to pack up everyone's belongings. AOM's mom and dad are coming to pick up the two little ones on their way home from Dallas to keep overnight and during the biopsy tomorrow. Pickle's dad is going to come get him for a few days.

Then, I have to write up a feature story for a magazine tonight. I need to write up some text for a brochure I'm writing for a local community college. It is due tomorrow, but with all the doctor's visits this week, it isn't going to happen. Tonight we have a parents' meeting for Zoom Zoom's (middle kid) soccer team.

Friday is B-day (biopsy day).


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