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Busy pre-Thanksgiving

The cooking will commence later today and should be fun with my splint on my arm. I've been trying to do a little at a time without the splint, but something as easy as feeding myself sends pain shooting into my shoulder from my muscles atrophying. Great. Oh well, at least it is healing nicely and the scar isn't nearly as bad as it looked like it would be.

Today is windy and cold and I have to get the two little ones out to run to the store for nutmeg. We ran out and I didn't know it and I need it for the pumpkin pie. Then, I have to go pick up some hunting permit from the city for Army of Dad. He owes me for this one, but he did make me a big pot of spaghetti sauce last night, so we have supper tonight.

I may be taking Little Bit to the doctor today, too. She has been congested and was feverish last night and told me this morning that her ears hurt. So, we're going to the pediatrician in about an hour. Just got the appointment. I'm planning on taking the kids to play and eat at Chuck E. Cheese today, too. Should be fun.

This afternoon, once it warms up a bit, I'll be out gathering up all of my potted plants from the front and back porch (which is a huge task because I love plants) and then I have to cover the faucets outside and I guess I'll wait till tonight to cover my baby tree (can't remember if it is peach or pear, peach I think) and then my pretty plants. I don't want them to freeze. Army of Dad will have to move the banana tree. Even without a beat-up arm, I couldn't do it.

I'll blog off and on today. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm thankful for so much. I know I will blog about that.

Here is one thing I'm thankful for. Hot Rod had a Thanksgiving feast at school Tuesday. I went to help and hang out with him. The teacher asked each child what they were thankful for. My son, in all his wisdom, said he was thankful for ..... no, you guessed wrong, not his mom ... he was thankful for his dad. *rolling my eyes* Not that I'm surprised. He was also too cool to make a pilgrim hat.

He reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. He always makes goofy faces. Today he was giggling AGAIN about a baby shower. A few weeks ago, I helped host one for a friend and was making food and he asked me what I was cooking for. I told him I was helping with a baby shower. He fell down laughing so hard, then he mimicked a baby getting all wet in a shower and crying. I explained to him that it is about showering the mommy with baby gifts, but he really likes his interpretation better.


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