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Memories of puberty

I REALLY like to listen to Old Skool alternative music on The Edge online. The best part is no commercials.

They play Pearl Jam, Squeeze, Nine Inch Nails, Tears for Fears, Marilyn Manson, House of Pain - a wide range of my faves.

Now, Girls on Film by Duran, Duran is on and I have memories of puberty. My parents got a satellite dish when I was about 15 and we could get about 8,326 stations (or something like that) and when they'd go to bed, I'd get the remote out and shift that badboy over to Triple XXXtasy or Playboy or Skinemax to watch shows. I remember seeing Playboy's video show and they played the R rated version of that video. Most of it involved naked women and I don't remember much more than that. I just remember getting that funny tingly feeling between my legs and wondering why the hell I felt like that by looking at naked people or people making out and more.

So, anyway. Just got tingly feelings and it took me a minute to know why that Duran, Duran song does that to me. *shrug* You knew I was weird. Now, you know that I'm one of those strange-o Republicans in that I'm not sexually repressed and feel no need to judge others for being pervs. As a matter of fact, I like pervs.

Hi. I'm Army of Mom and I'm a pervert.


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