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American Drumslinger tagged me with a book meme and even though I'm listed in the blogroll next to the blog-whose-name-we-do-not-speak and even though that same effer is on the list of folks invited to participate, I will do it anyway. (pssst, Drumslinger, I'll fill you in on the background of that story in case you don't know.)

Here it goes:
1. Total number of books I own - unknown. I have many on my shelves and even more in boxes and in cabinets, tucked away in suitcases for trips. They're everywhere, but I'm a writer, so I have a good excuse.
2. Last book I bought - The Essential 55 for my boys' teachers for end-of-the-year thank you gifts. I saw the author on Oprah and was very impressed by the response he gets from students. I got a copy of the book for me, too. I need to get it out and read it. He stresses manners and common courtesies that so many people neglect to teach their children.
3. Last book I read - Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton. I got it at a Star Trek con and got him to personalize and autograph it. It was so awesome to meet him. I got all starstruck and felt like a total dork, even though I interviewed him over the phone many moons ago, I still got stupid when I met him. I finally read it while sitting at the doctor's office on Friday while getting IV fluids. VERY GOOD read. I laughed at much of it, cried at other parts. I highly recommend it and have decided to get his other book, Just a Geek, after reading this one.
4. Five books that mean a lot to me. Wow, this is a hard one.
A. My Harry Potter books would be one. I love to escape into Hogwarts and its magical world, so that set would count as one.
B. My Bible and copy of the Catechism would probably count as one. Don't think I really need an explanation here.
C. The children's baby books. Memories upon memories cherished and saved between pages.
D. The Kissing Hand - this is one of Hot Rod's books and it is so precious.
E. I Love You Forever - one of Pickle's books that just rips my heart out. It is all about how much we love our kids and how they are always our babies.
5. Tag five people. Hmm. I think I did this to folks before, so I have to hit up folks I didn't tag before. How about Alli (its at this link already), Cashin, MrsDoF, Army of Dad and Doug at Bogus Gold.


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