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I'm such a wimp

Friday was my first really busy day back at work and my arms are sore today. I feel like such a wuss. But, really, it isn't THAT bad. Since the surgery three weeks ago, I haven't been allowed to lift anything. The doctor told me to carry what felt ok and not to push it. Well, yesterday was my first test. I had to carry five pizzas and a box of about a dozen cans of soda. It wasn't heavy, per se, but I had to carry it a long way. I felt like such a wuss. That is so bad. Now, this morning, my arms are sore.

I had to taxi executives from American Airlines and the airport over to a documentary shoot at the new terminal. Because you know, execs can't drive themselves places. They can't say thank you either. Ok, the one female exec did say thank you. But, I was reprimanded, nicely, but still reprimanded for telling an exec "probably" when he asked me a question. The exec had a quizzical look on his face when I said it to him, too. So, you can tell he isn't used to hearing that. One of the PR dudes pulls me aside and said "We don't tell the COO probably when he asks us a question. We tell him, yes sir, we'll make it happen." I sort of looked at him blankly and said, what's the worse they'll do? Fire me? I don't think they can afford to fire me right now and this job is only temporary, so what if I am done a couple of months early. That sort of shut him up. I don't think he expected that. I'm so bad at kissing ass. But, maybe this job is helping me be a little more, what is the word? I don't know. Oh yeah, more diplomatic. I'm getting better, still not quite what I need to be for this job. I'm ready for it to be over. We'll be broke and my anxiety level will rise again from eeney-meeney-miney-moing the bills, but at least I'll be home and with my kids.

Got some freelance stories to work on today. One interview in a few minutes and another at 4 p.m. We have a zoo birthday party this morning and maybe if the kids are good, we'll go to McDonald's for lunch and see an Imax movie before we come home and go to the store. LabKat is coming for dinner tonight with her hubby, so that will be fun. Just a LONG DAY. Will be nice to wind down with some friends. I miss Army of Dad. I also hate my arms being sore.


  • At 11:33 AM, June 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OH, yeah, when I was a student nurse, did I get into trouble big time when I told a doctor what lab test to order.
    I was doing an Admit on a little boy coming up from the ER. His mother kept saying that he wouldn't leave himself alone "down there." He said it itches and he kept scootching around in his seat.
    So, being a great little nursey in training, I checked him "down there".
    I finished my paperwork and vital signs, then went down to the nurse's station. The doctor was there, writing First Admittance Orders, so while I was waiting for the chart to put my side of the paperwork into, I mentioned: "you might as well tell 'em a test for pinworms, because that's what he's got."
    A STONE-EY silence followed. The ward clerk froze in her seat. My Instructor took in a huge gasp of air. The Head Nurse made a little click sound with her dentures then asked ever so sweetly "Now how do YOU know that?"
    Realizing that I had already stepped in deep, I charged on.
    I said that I had had pinworms when I was about his age, that he lives about 6 blocks from where I grew up, he is scratching himself raw "down there", and he bites his fingernails--a known means of transmission.
    The doctor slammed shut the cover of the chart and stomped off down the hall. My Instructor ushered me into a patients empty room and proceeded to tell me all about how a student should address a doctor (even the dipstick I knew this guy to be)and Never Ever do a diagnosis on my own.
    A few minutes later the little boy, again fully dressed, and his mother came down the hall, ready to go home.
    She apologized for all our trouble, said the doc had given her a prescription.
    Justice is never served in situations with higher-ups in the job chain.

  • At 9:11 AM, June 12, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    God forbid we question someone with more authority or training. I can totally see that happening.


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