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I need more sex

I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of my readers. I'm a bit of a hoochie for a soccer mom, but in a good way. While reading my November Parenting magazine, I found this tidbit of information:

Another reason sex is good for you ...
It can boost your brainpower. That's because prolactin, a hormone released by your pituitary gland during orgasm, promotes the growth of new brain cells, a recent study shows.

I could stand to gain some more brain cells. *no snarky comments, thank you very much*


  • At 4:49 PM, October 26, 2005, Blogger North Dallas Thirty said…

    That explains why I've been feeling so stupid lately......

  • At 8:58 AM, October 27, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    It seems counterintuitive to me because there have been a few times that I've been, er, uh, ahem, banged silly and not had all my wits about me when I was done.

    But, maybe in the long run, being, uh, er, loved happily in this marital union makes those brain connections happy.


    Does it work that way for guys, too, NDT, or just chicks? Or cubs, in your case. ;)

  • At 2:06 PM, October 27, 2005, Blogger North Dallas Thirty said…

    Pillow talk wouldn't be pillow talk, AoM, if your brain was functioning at full rational power during sex. :)

    However, before and after, I certainly think it has something to do with the knowledge that you're loved. Stress hormones wither brain cells, and having a loving and caring partner -- plus getting some on a regular basis -- is the best way I've ever found to reduce stress.


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