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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Some people really piss me off

I don't care what someone's opinions about homosexuals or the war is - there has got to be some respect for the dead and the mourning.

Apparently, there is a group of bikers who travel around the country to help protect military families from encountering these bigots who protest military funerals trying to claim that IEDs are God's revenge for a the US "embracing" a homosexual society.


I hope that I never encounter these people anywhere. I think I'd flip out on them. To have no more respect for mourning families. If you look at the picture with the story, you'll see kids in there protesting. So, these turdballs are teaching this to their children, too. I find that appalling, too.


  • At 5:47 PM, February 21, 2006, Blogger Gadfly said…

    I need to find a watch list. If this maggot ever comes to a funeral in Texas, I want some time to raise a posse and





    There's a band of bikers that follow the guy and stand between them and the soldier's family. That's a wonderful thing, but insufficent. Someone needs to kick his ass and every maggot adult standing with him. And after they heal up and go to another funeral, some other people need to kick his ass again. That's unacceptable. These people are not symbols!!! They are the grieving families of fallen American soldiers. It doesn't matter what you agree with or don't agree with. Everybody understands what grief is -- except Phelps who is a certified nut and should be confined to a mental institution.

    I tell ya, I could hum a happy song while being processed through fingerprinting and off to my cell.

    "What are you so happy about?"

    "You know that guy Phelps?"


    "I stomped his face in."

    "After shift change, I'll sneak you a bottle of scotch"


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