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Hump Day Hodge Podge

Well, it is hump day and I'm finally going to post my first entry this week. Sorry to be so bad about not posting for the past few weeks. It isn't like I don't have anything to say because I do. Just been so busy or not motivated and then when I would get motivated, blogger would be down. So, I just gave up.

Been watching the news with great interest about a Plano soccer coach accused of molesting some girls on his soccer teams. Our local soccer association won't allow people to coach unless they have a child on the team. I think that is important, not that it keeps all perverts out, but it is a good start. We don't leave our kids alone with coaches from camp, etc. Just in case. Just isn't a good idea. I feel really sorry for these kids and their families. I also wouldn't want to have these talks with my kids asking about what might have happened.

Been working on improving my diet for about three weeks now and only seeing a marginal half a pound difference. This is even with giving up sodas for Lent. I'm a little disappointed, but not throwing in the towel yet.

Apparently, old folks who watch Oprah and soap operas scored poorly on memory and cognitive tests. But, I tell you waht, if they can give you the genealogy of all the soap opera characters, their memory is pretty good. Plus, I turned on All My Children for shits and grins yesterday and felt my brain turn to mush.

Gees, it is already Wednesday. I have too much to do this week. *sigh*


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