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Totally random SPF

Staying true to her blog name, Kristine at Random and Odd gave us a truly random Stuff Portrait Friday.

SPF assignment:
1. Your Drinking Glasses.
2. Your Address book/Stationary (remember that stuff we used BEFORE email?)

Ok, here we go. I have matching glasses and some nice "glass" glasses. I tend to drink out of the tumblers we get at the Rangers games or the BBQ joint. None of my Mavs cups were clean when I shot this.

There is the giant tankard from the Movie Tavern on the bottom shelf, too.

Ok, and my stationary and address books.

The standard address book was AoD's when we met. It has his family contacts in it. The Baylor one is mine from college. Almost every page has been whited out and re-done as people have moved over the years. Then, my Rolodex has both business and personal contacts in it. I use it more than the address book. And, my Harry Potter stationary. I actually wrote a letter on this the other day. That is where the missing Gryffindor sticker went.

And, lastly, something new.

These are our new Independence Day t-shirts for this year. I have a suitcase in the floor and have been stashing stuff in it to pack up for the kids. I got these Wednesday night. Aren't they cute? Target for the kids and Old Navy for me.

Did you play?


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