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A rhetorical question

Are you really paranoid if people are out to get you?

I'm just having one of those days where I feel like the world is conspiring against me.

I was under the impression that my big book project has been waiting for the design gal to complete the layout for me to review. I've been emailing the guy in charge who hired me and the designer to find out the status of the book. No one has even bothered returning my emails. So, I finally call today. Even though I was contracted to write the book, the designer would not send me a copy of the dummies, so I could look them over. Apparently, she sent the dummies to the boss man over a week ago. Hellooooo. How hard would it have been to respond to an email saying she turned the dummies over to him for his review? She said she didn't feel comfortable sending them to me because it is "his" project? So, what was I - as the writer and editor - to all of this?

Fine. No big deal. At least this is one step closer to getting the remainder of my money. I called the boss man and he said a few more sets of eyes are looking it over for any corrections or edits and he should have back any changes by Friday. Now, he did say that the photo captions are just filler without the actual cutline there. But, he said he'd call me on Friday to let me know if there are any revisions that need to be done.

How hard would it have been for him to respond to one of my many emails telling me that it is in the review process? I know he is very important when it comes to airport security and with the heightened alert, the book project comes second. But, you'd think he'd get tired of emails every two or three days asking for a status report and he would spend five seconds typing back a quick response and hitting send.

Maybe I expect too much. *taking a deep breath*

*putting away soapbox and returning to writing*


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