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Bad omens

Well, the exercise regimen is going. I can't say it is going well because I still get REALLY pooped out and my stamina sucks. But, I'm walking for 20-30 minutes just about every day. When Hot Rod was sick and his dad was out of town, I didn't get to walk, but that was only a couple of days. So, I'm already back at it.

However, there are signs that I need to work harder.

1. About two weeks ago, I was pushing Little Bit in the stroller and toward the end of my 30 minutes, she turns around and looks up and asks "Mom, why are you going so slow now?"
2. While walking at our civic center's air conditioned track with all the old ladies - I was lapped by two 70-something-year-old women who were talking to each other the whole time they were walking. They weren't even out of breath.
3. (This was the coup de gras). Yesterday, while walking the loop around my neighborhood, a vulture was circling overhead.



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