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Texas sledding

Well, we finally had enough ice on the driveway to let the kids go "sledding" in the laundry baskets today. I know Pickle will be disappointed he missed it (he's at his dad's this weekend.)

The kids have been chomping at the bit all weekend to get out, but the rain just hadn't frozen enough for sledding. This morning, however, we had ice on the driveway and the kids were ready to go. And, in case you're not from the South, we don't have much need for sleds here, so the laundry baskets suffice.

Here they are ready to race.

The boy's racing face.

And, "helping" sister.

She was cracking me up. She'd come down the hill with a look of terror on her face, then she'd get to the bottom yelling "Again! Again!"

The kids were in heaven. More pics to come.


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