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Color my world

I love the spring when my irises are in bloom and creating beautiful color in the yard. I have one flower bed with lavendar irises, one with white and one with purple. All of them are gorgeous.
I really love the purple ones. These and the lavender ones came from my mom's house. I wish I had them in more promient locations in my gardens. The purple ones are in the far back on the side of the house, where no one but us gets to enjoy them.

Then, the "garden" of my redneck neighbor. Yeah, those are nasty weeds in their flower box around the tree. They have matching weeds in the garden box around their mailbox, too. Classy, I know. But, what do I expect? These are the same people whose kids demolished our fence by climbing over it, then over the weekend, they took it upon themselves to tear our fence down and build a new one. While I'm not sad they replaced it, I'm just thinking that asking us about tearing down our fence would have been better! Just a thought.


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