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Sonics' last stand

Last month, an era ended for Army of Dad. He coached a group of boys for about seven years - give or take. He coached Pickle from the time he was 5 or 6 and then grew with that team. Pickle finally gave up after spring 2006, but these boys had grown on AoD and he coached them for one more year until they finished the under 12 division. Now, that they're moving up to the 13-year-olds, they'd be traveling and we just can't justify that time commitment without a kiddo on the team. The blue team is ours. They took fourth place in the last tournament in which they played. Not too shabby.
This is coach talking to the boys at halftime. They lost this game 2-1 and it was a game they could have won, so they were getting a pretty good lecture here.
This was after the game. It was really very emotional for Army of Dad. He was pretty shook up for a few days and, really, I still don't think he's completely good with it. He worked hard with these boys. For many of them, he was the sole disciplinarian in their lives and the best role model they had. For others, he provided a motivation to excel and work hard. Many of these boys don't get that. For others, he was a father figure that they didn't have either.
He wasn't thrilled that I captured this shot. He was having a hard time talking here. Bless his heart. He doesn't get teary-eyed too often. That tells you how much these boys mean to him.
The little fellas were among some we've seen the greatest change in. The little guy in the middle was one we've had with us for many years. I think he was taking the last game pretty hard.
One last team picture for posterity.
And one final Go Sonics.


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