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Sometimes it snows in Texas

Well, I had to do the obligatory ruler in the snow to demonstrate how much we got. Final viewing was 6.5 inches. Gorrammit, that is a lot. I don't ever remember in my 39 years having that much snow in the Dallas area.
Here is the adorable 9th grader from next door with Little Bit. These two lovely gals built this cute little All American snowman - the biggest snowman Little Bit has ever seen. We usually have pathetic little 12-inchers with the small amount of snow we typically get once a year.
Hot Rod at the height of the giant snowflakes. He just photographs so well.
Damn cute kid.

And, the three - er, four - kids at play here. Yeah, Army of Dad isn't going to miss a chance to play in the snow. You've got to be kidding.
Pickle 'hearts' snow. LOL. Always the artist.

Little Bit displays her weapon of choice.
And, Hot Rod chills in the snow. Little wonder he was wet every time he came in. This was the day after the snowfall. We seldom have snow last more than a few hours here, so we were all shocked when it stuck and was around the next day, too.


  • At 6:53 PM, March 19, 2008, Blogger Submariner said…

    AoM said...
    We usually have pathetic little 12-inchers...

    Sheesh, Mom, most ladies wouldn't complain about "only" getting a 12-incher. Bwahahahahaha

    Seriously, aren't you glad we're suffering from global warming? Otherwise you might have gotten 6.5 feet!

    The kids are adorable, course I know that you know that...


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