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My husband instructed me to blog last night. I did and the computer ate it. *sigh* He said "A blogger as prolific as you and all you've turned out in the past week is one or two small posts and some other stuff. Blog, woman."


Haven't had much to say lately. But, reading the birth announcements in the local paper made me wonder why no one gives their children normal names any more like Little Bit and Hot Rod. I mean, really? Everyone has to be different.

Read on for the names of children born in the suburbs of Dallas:
Ace Henderson - swear to God, they want him to be a rock star or star athlete
Wyatt Thomas
Micah Braden
Lauren Elizabeth - normal, woo hoo, she'll be the only one with this name in her school class
Sarah Beth - another normal, hooray
Kaylee Michelle
Ariana Giselle
Isaac John - probably one of the few Jewish kids in our community
Elisabeth Grace - sort of normal except for the misspelled name
Dane Paul
Jacob Christopher - give it up for another normal name
Esteffanie Lynn
Holly Renae
Joshua Adam
Julian Sven
Pruett Azariah Garretson and Piper Aria Carmicheal - twins *shaking my head* hope their family names
Madden Rene
Evangeline Faith
Rhone Wilson
Abigail Claire - very cute and traditional
Bret Ryan - sounds masculine to me
Jackson Quinn
Charlie Micheal - future Texas legislator
Reese Camden - ok, trendy, but I love it
Eleanora Devlin
Audryna Leeonette

Ok, I have one child with a trendy name and two very traditional names, although Little Bit has two middle names. But, I have a story for mine. I named her after a combined patron saint and to honor two wonderful females. One was a woman who died of cancer and was a dear friend of my brothers. She, God love her, I'm going to cry while posting this, was dying of cancer when I learned about Pickle having CAH and she called me to comfort me. Swear to God. She called me to ask what she could do to help and offer advice - she had two children - and she prayed for me. God knows that it is probably one reason Pickle is doing so well. I have her on my case intervening with God. The other namesake for Little Bit was a 10-year-old girl who was murdered by a neighbor. I became good friends with her mother and we've stayed in touch all these years later. I promised her if I ever had a daughter, I'd give her that name. So, I did. She has a lot to live up to.

Pickle was named for a poet and a singer and after his father. Hot Rod was named after his grandfather, my surrograte grandfather, my late uncle and Army of Dad's best friend and he also has AoD's name, too.

So, see ... we have reasons for naming our children what we did ... I'm wondering how much of a story you can tell about Audryna Leeonette or Ace.


  • At 2:18 PM, March 14, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My Mom wanted to name me after HER mom. Unfortunately, my grandmother's name was Henrietta. So, Mom spiffed it up a bit - to Etta Marie. This was quickly vetoed as my Dad's grandmother got furious I wasn't going to be named after HER.

    And, to think... I missed out on a life as a successful jazz singer.


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