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Hot and Heated Saturday

Saturday was one of those days when you are just glad for it to be over. Hot Rod had his first track meet and Little Bit had her first soccer game of the season. I missed Little Bit's game because we were told to be at the track meet really early. Here is Hot Rod pre-race. Still smiling and everything. It wasn't bad early on because of the breeze and overcast skies, but the clouds gave way and the sun burst forth at full force and heat.
First race for Hot Rod was the 800 meter. He had never run it for time before Saturday, so it was really harsh to toss him out there and race 9- and 10-year-olds. He just turned 9 in May. But, he stuck it out. He finished dead last out of the group. But, he ran it the whole time. Pickle (in his orange Beatles shirt here) really encouraged him during the race, which was nice to see. He didn't give up. We saw several kids throughout the track meet give up and not finish races, so I was proud of him. 4:20 was his time.
Then, here is is taking off in the 400-meter dash. They did heats with seven boys. He finished sixth and was very proud of himself. Again, he hadn't ran the lap for a time or to compete at practice, just as a warm-up run at a leisurely pace.
Little Bit and Army of Dad wound up getting to the track in time to see Hot Rod run the 800. She looked so darn cute in her soccer get up. She was very proud that her team won 1-0. She played keeper and made several stops, too, her dad said. Army of Dad is her coach this year. I coached her last year. He is better suited at that stuff than me.
Full-length look at the cutie soccer player.
Showing off his sixth-place ribbon. He was very proud of himself. But, all those hours in the sun took a toll. He got sunburned on his shoulders and upper arms. I made the mistake of letting him put on his own sunscreen on his arms. That was truly a mistake. Poor Pickle. I forgot to put sunscreen on his ears and they're burned now, too. I feel like a toad. But, the aloe vera plants in my container garden are coming in handy. Called the doctor's office today and the on-call nurse said to keep doing the aloe vera and we should be fine. I hope so.


  • At 10:14 AM, June 10, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tell Hot Rod congrats! The 800 is a hard race to run. I remember Joey's 1st he is filling up his wall with medals and he has 2 trophies. Still 2 more yrs of high school to go. I'll send you a picture of his medals and trophies on the phone. You can show it to Hot Rod. I'm sure he will be encouraged to have the same. TC Dion


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