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Cuz I'm White and Nerdy

I have so much nerdy blood running through me that it can be quite scary at times. We took the kids to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Friday and my sweet beautiful little 5-year-old said "Look, mom! Jawas!"

*wiping a tear from my eye*

I was shocked that she knew what they were. My nerd work here is done.

So, it is only appropriate that I've been reading the Nerd series of books by Vicki Lewis Thompson. So far, I've read Nerds Like it Hot and The Nerd Who Loved Me. Both are good reads. They've got some romance, some adventure and the writing is easy to read. Some of it is a bit cheesey, but they're romantic novels. *shrug* Sue me. I like them and want to read the others. It is nice every now and then not to get something heavy to read.

Next on my list is probably re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia. We saw Prince Caspian at the dollar movies this weekend. I loved it. Made me want to re-read all the books. I love the symbolism in the stories. C.S. Lewis was an incredible writer. Maybe that will be inspiring.


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