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Working Remotely

Got my car at Circuit City (thank God mine hasn't closed) doing some warranty work on the minivan's DVD player, so I loaded my work up on the laptop and headed to the Hasting's next door. I dreaded sitting for several hours in the Hardback Coffee Cafe working on deadline. But, it has been great. A giant peppermint mocha (a big splurge for me since I haven't had a Starbucks coffee - other than the free one on Nov. 4 - in about five or six months. I singlehandedly am putting that company in Chapter 13 *sigh*) on the table next to me ... and Morrisey over the stereo in the cafe ... oh yes. This makes working here bearable. They started me off with a hits compilation of Elvis Costello and now on to Morrissey. I may never go home to work again.


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