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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Happy Independence Day

We hope you celebrate our Independence Day and remember that our freedom is not free and how blessed we are to live in such an incredible country where we have the ability to go downtown safely and watch a parade and honor our veterans and forefathers. Little Bit loves this holiday.
Hot Rod found his friend at the parade. Tonight we're going to the FC Dallas game and we'll watch the post-game fireworks there.
My parents and Army of Dad at the parade this morning with the kids.
Anxiously awaiting the candy as the parade started.
And, the kids grabbing candy tossed during our annual parade. It has been a great start to the day. God bless the USA and each of you. Celebrate safely. Drink responsibly and have a designated driver if you drink. :) I'll toss back a hot dog or two and thank my veteran personally.


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