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I still got it

After my rant about my mammogram and feeling old, I just had to add this. My mother and I took my baby girl to Six Flags today for a special big girl day. She had a ball riding what she wanted to and going through the little sprinklers they had out to keep visitors cool. I wore a tank top to stay cool and as we walked in the park, I noticed these four hunky college boys. Then, much to my surprise and amazement, I realized THEY were noticing ME, too. As  I walked by, out of the corner of my eye I caught one elbowing his buddy and saying Check out THAT rack! The boy closest to me whisphered, Nice Breasts as I walked by. I started giggling like a teenager. My mom didn't hear the guy and said, good Lord, those boys were staring at your chest. *giggling* I know. Score one for Ego Girl. She has returned. Three pounds down, 50 more to go. This is going to be a long ride - and I'm not talking about Six Flags.


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