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Back to normal?

So, is everything back to normal now that I know the status of the tumor? I guess so. I'm back to stressing about how to pay the bills, meeting the past deadline on a brochure project, getting everything done. So, life is good.

Kids got off ok on their second day. Zoom Zoom still isn't quite ready for me to drop him off yet. He still wants mom to walk him to class. *looking to the heavens* Thank you Jesus. He is STILL my baby after all. We ran into a soccer teammate who is also in his class and they ran along the sidewalk together having a ball. That was nice to see.

Not much on my mind this morning, shockingly. Relief is still hanging in the air. I stayed up too late last night watching the Olympics, but it was fun to watch hometown girl Carly Patterson. She had a rough start, but finished wonderfully. I wept along with Michael Phelps' mom. I was imagining the pride she must be feeling. All those days/nights/weekends that she sacrificed her own personal time to take him to and from swimming practice. All the money she spent on coaches, camps, equipment. Then, to watch your son stand on the platform with a gold medal around his neck listening to the national anthem play for him. Tears streamed down my face along with her. What a wonderful feeling for her. But, then I was thinking about them showing the guys all celebrating and how low he wore his swim pant thingees. As a woman, I'm thinking MEOWRR! But, the mom in me was thinking, pull up your pants, your butt crack is about to show! Then, I started noticing that these boys didn't have any hair on them. Ok, so I noticed that his pants were so low, some hair should be showing. Then, I noticed these guys didn't even have armpit hair. So, I started wondering if they shaved all their hair, waxed or what. I dated a boy in college who was a competitive cyclist and he shaved his legs. Totally grossed me out if and when our legs would brush while sitting on the couch because he would have razor stubble. That just isn't right.

But, I must turn my mind away from smooth-bodied 19-year-old swimmers and focus on the tasks at hand. We have to go to the store and the pharmacy this morning. And, I have to get this brochure text done today.


  • At 7:42 PM, August 18, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I'm cracking up at us dirty old women lusting after the little 19-year-old swimmer. I'm just guessing all the little Greek hussies are throwing pussy at him. Like Eddie Murphy saw in Delirious, it is probably falling out of his pockets. Oh wait, there is no room in those swim trunks for pockets. MEOWRRR!


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