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Big pet peeve

There are lots of things that irk the hell out of me, but some are consistent irritations that tend to piss me off more than others. I encountered one of those, yet again, today. We went to Children's Day Out so Stinkerbelle could meet her teachers and see her new classroom. She was fairly insistent that she was in the wrong room and kept trying to go to last year's room. It was pretty funny. One of the girls in her class is the little sister of a soccer teammate of Pickle's. So, that was funny. Anyway. Back to my pet peeve. I went through all the kids' clothes and had a garage sale last weekend. The kids' clothes that didn't sell are going to friends for their kids. So, I had a box of boy clothes to take to my former neighbor whose son is the same age as Stinkerbelle. Oh, let me add that it is raining and Little Bit fell asleep in the car. So, I'm trying to carry a box of clothes, a sleeping 2-year-old and an umbrella in the rain to the CDO.

I step out into the parking lot and some bitch in an SUV isn't even slowing down. Damn woman. You're in the same boat I am and you can't even slow down long enough to let a woman carry a sleeping baby, a box and an umbrella to the other side? I'm not one of those super slow poke people either. I'll hustle across the street as much as I can with my hands so full. That just pissed me off. It usually happens to me when I'm in the parking lot at a grocery store with all three kids in the rain. I just don't understand people. I try to rationalize and think, maybe, the driver had to use the bathroom really bad or maybe their baby in the back seat just threw up and they want to get home. But, you know what? I really doubt there is anything that dire forcing them to practically run me and my toddler down in the church parking lot.

The bitch did the same thing to another mom carrying a toddler and an umbrella. We both gave each other a look and (in typical AOM fashion) I looked at her and said "would hate for them to slow down for moms and children in the rain." The other mom looked and me and said "really." So irritating. In the dry safety of her gas guzzler, she can't even let me walk across the parking lot without buzzing my ass with her monster car. GRRR.


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