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Friday the 13th - B-day

Not only is today the dreaded Friday the 13th, but it is biopsy day. Not much to say about it. I'm not looking forward to anything but it being over with. I'm hoping for the best, but fearing for the worst. And, that is all I got to say about that (as Forrest Gump would say).

One really good thing this morning. I got to sleep late (Army of Granny and PaPa have the two little ones and Army of Ex has the oldest). That was good. Another one - I lost another pound, which is amusing considering I drank THREE Dr Peppers Thursday, ate at Burger Box (yummy!) and had a Coconut Cream Pie Shake from Sonic. Super yum! Maybe I'm approaching this diet all wrong. :)

Thursday was a really good day. Took my little ones to my best friend's house while I took the oldest to the doctor. He is growing like crazy and we're guessing he is doing ok other than some sinus headaches. Went and picked up a bag of hand-me-downs for him, which was awesome. Funny, though. Her son comes to the door. Haven't seen him a while and he was really grown up and getting cuter. But, he had his shorts hanging off his skinny butt and his boxers showing. Cracked me up and made me dread my oldest turning into a teenager in the next few years.

We returned to best friend's house and hung out for a while. My children are so much louder than hers. *shaking my head* But, then again (shocker, I know) Army of Dad and I are loud people, too. My children, who often whine about being around each other too much, were all playing in the same room together at one point - without their friends there. Was strange, but reassuring in a weird sort of way.

Headed to Burger Box. Comfort food from my youth. Best friend pulled out the plastic and said "it's on me." Woo hoo. Saw a girl I knew from high school who was working at Burger Box in high school. She was still working there. That was sort of surreal. Saw another girl I recognized from high school, but she was older than me. She looked the same. I probably look mostly the same except heavier and now I'm blonde, too. The children had a great time playing and eating. They were really good. I was very proud of all three of them.

Came home and packed up their stuff and then sent them away a few at a time. That was sad. All three were happy to be leaving, which always makes me a little sad. But, at least I know they're happy. Zoom Zoom told Granny to tell me "Don't worry mom, they'll take good care of me." That was pretty funny. Came in to work on a story that was due on Monday, but no one was cooperating with me. They all assured me that they'd have information for me Thursday morning. No one did. So, I sat around waiting for a 4 p.m. phoner that didn't happen. Blew my time to run errands sans children because of it. Oh well.

Army of Dad came home and we had corn on the cob and grilled chicken. Was very tasty. We hosted a parents' meeting for our soccer team of 5-year-olds. Two new boys and they are pretty cute. I like the little team for amusement factors. The mom in me loves that age. They're so excited about everything and they still love to have their mamas around.

After that, we got the baseball stuff together and I went to watch Army of Dad play softball with the guys. It was so much fun to get to go watch him without the children. I took a blanket I'm sewing for Little Bit (with little ballerina slippers and tiaras on it, so cute) and sat and sewed in between watch my honey play ball. He totally kicked ass playing third base. He usually plays first, but he rocked at third. He had two put-outs and two assists. I worried about him there because these guys can knock the hell out of the ball. But, he did well. He was one for three with the game-winning RBI sacrifice. He got hosed on a call at second. He had a single and was taking second on an overthrown ball and the third baseman whips the ball to second, but Army of Dad had slid under the tag. But, Dufus No. 1 (ump on the basepath) called him out. *smacking my head* "He was clearly under the tag. It hit him on the shoulder and his feet were on the bag!" I scream to Dufus No. 1. Dufus No. 2 (ump at home) turns to look at me and says He got him. "Huh?" Anyway. They won in spite of it and I was pretty proud of Army of Dad and the old guys. His team had guys of all ages, but most of dad-kind of guys. One was a grandpa. The other team had two ringers - one guy is going to play for Arkansas' baseball team. Those two guys single-handedly killed our team in the outfield. It was amazing. That kid's arm was incredible.

On our way back, we dropped off the electric bill so our family could have a nice air-conditioned house for another month and then we dropped off prescriptions for Pickle.

*sigh* At this point, it is after midnight and I still have to write my story. Army of Dad keeps nodding off because he has been up since about 4:30 a.m. I'm working to get this stuff done. Finished. Asleep about 1ish.

Now, I'm trying to finish up my blog and get ready to go eat before the biopsy. The nurse called yesterday. Oh, I left that out. She told me to have something to eat before the procedure, so I don't get sick from the valium. She talks to me a little about what is going to happen. I am still scared shitless. I won't have any news today and I probably won't be blogging again until Saturday night. Best friend No. 2 is taking me to dinner tonight if I'm up for it. I should be. We'll go pick up my kids this afternoon and bring them back. Saturday morning, I'm having a garage sale. Probably not the wisest thing to do after a boob biopsy, but not much slows me down. So, I will be busy when I get up tomorrow.

Have a good weekend all.


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