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I'm going to be in the local paper

Leave it to the big mouth to land herself in the local paper.

I'm friends with one of the editors and complained to her about the shitty job our recycling company was doing for the city and now the paper is doing a follow-up to the original article about how the recycling company was getting better. So, now I've gotten roped into having a photo taken of me with my recycling bin tomorrow. Lovely.

Me and my big mouth. I'll scan in a picture or something and post it after it runs. God help me. I hope I don't sound like some retard in the article. You know you can't trust the damned media. *lol* Wait, I am a member of the damned media. Shit. Can't use THAT excuse.


  • At 10:29 PM, April 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, I've read a lot of your blog and its kind of shocking. You are totally one of those gung-ho misguided people that buy into whatever the right wing media tells you, and then complains about the liberal media as though aol/time warner and clearchannel were these hippie liberal avengers. The sad part is that at no point will you realize the truth about anything because you don't take the time to investigate facts from various sources, you just quote Rush limbaugh and paste little "factoids" from other biased media sources that make you chuckle.


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