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Homicidal Granny convicted

Update to the post I put up last night about the bitch who killed her grandchild at Fort Hood.

I used to work for the Killeen Daily Herald and it was while I was working there that I met Army of Dad, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood. After cruising the KDH website, I emailed my boss there and mentioned the link to the story. This was what he had to say about that:

"As far as the stupid homicidal grandmother, she was convicted today of second-degree murder, still maintaining that 'someone else put those bruises there.' Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 17. There having a presentencing investigation first, probably to find out just how nuts she is. It's too bad she can't be sentenced to death. She'll probably only get about 10 years."

And, people say the media is too liberal.


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