Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


13 days to go


Not that I'm counting the days or anything.

Sans children. Did I mention that? Three glorious days.

I have the tickets in my hand. I'm praying that my ebay sellers come through for me. I ordered a Purple Pride towel for AoD to wave. I also bought some Viking helmets (no braids with them, though) and some temporary tattoos. I figure if we're going to do this, lets do it right. I'll set my Cowboys allegiance aside FOR THE DAY and wear Vikings purple. It will probably be AoD's Vikings t-shirt. I have a sweatshirt that his sister gave me for my birthday. It was hilarious. She wrapped it up in Victoria's Secret stuff - in the gift box with lovely pink tissue paper and the card read: Here is something AoD would love to see you in. I giggled in surprise at her sending me lingerie and then opened it up and there was the Vikings sweatshirt. I had to laugh. I wear it occasionally. He wears it more than me.


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