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Adding insult to injury

Editor's Note: I'm still laughing about this one in that sadistic form only a mom like me has.

Last night, my normally brave and resilient 5-year-old went on an adventure in tears from the moment he found out where we were heading after we left the bank. My normally rambunctious child cried and repeatedly told me that he did not want a flu shot. He was pretty emphatic about it. This lasted from the time we left the bank, until we dropped off a prescription at the pharmacy until we were actually getting the shot - a span of about 30 minutes.

He cried during the shot and for a good 10 minutes afterwards despite the fact that the oldest boy hopped up, got his shot and ran off to watch the TV in the waiting room. The soon-to-be 2-year-old even took her shot like a champ. She was more upset at being held down. But, once it was over, she let out two cries, then went to watch TV with her brother.

So, on the drive to get ice cream, amidst the tears I hear a declaration from the back seat "I HATE CLOWNS!" and then some more tears. The 10-year-old shrugs as I look in the rearview mirror and I look around to see if there are any signs with clowns or maybe It is sticking his head out of a storm drain. Nope, the coast is clear. "Ok baby. I know you don't like clowns." I'm thinking how random a statement that was.

Then, this morning while we're getting ready for school, I see that his Band-Aid is still on his arm. "Let me get your band-aid off baby. Wow, lets see what you got. It is a circus."

"I HATE CLOWNS!" he screams as he runs from the Band-Aid. I look on there and by golly, there is a clown next to the seal and ringmaster.

Poor baby. *stifling back a giggle*


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