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Scary home invasions

Not very far from our sleepy little suburban community, there have been about a half-dozen home invasion robberies in the past few weeks. The common thread is that the bad guys are entering homes through open garage doors and unlocked doors. They're bold and brazen and don't seem to care that the homeowners are home.

I was thinking about this today and thinking that the bad guys might not be real happy if they enter my home and they may retreat quickly when they hear the click, click and the slide on the shotgun. But, then, I was thinking, what if they walked in and grabbed one of my kids? I wouldn't shoot a shotgun in that direction with my children there. Then it started to get really scary to me. If Army of Dad is home, he has a handgun and is a good shot, so he may be able to drop someone without harming my kids. This has weighed on my mind enough that when I was watering my plants on my front porch today, I was scared to leave the garage door open while the baby played in the house. I often open the garage door when doing laundry so I don't get too hot and I heard a man breathing heavy and I almost peed my pants and quickly closed the garage door. A peek out the window revealed my neighbor from a few houses down making his afternoon walk, but it scared the crap out of me.

I really hope they find these bad guys or some homeowner puts a cap in each of their asses.


  • At 6:51 PM, October 27, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have a plan, and practice for it. Know the limitations of your weapon. I know exactly what the pattern from my 12 ga. double-O Buck looks like at 20 feet. My wife knows that when I yell "Duck!" that she better head for the floor, and I know, because I have steeled myself to, that I will try to miss her but I will shoot. Now, hopefully I've picked up the AK, or the Ruger .22, because with practice, I am confident that I can hit a man in the eye in the dark at close range. Don't dwell on worst case scenarios, but if a man is running away with your kicking child under one arm, you had damn well better have the weapon and the skill handy to drop him. We have guns stashed all over the house. Our drill is to answer the door armed, from wherever we hear the doorbell, with the closest gun. This familiarizes you to where they are. We keep a bag on a shelf near the front door to slip the gun into when we check and it's just a neighbor brining tomatos.

  • At 9:02 PM, October 27, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Seeing as how this is Texas...sooner or later these punks will walk into the wrong house!

    Army of Dad


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