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Blah, I'm stuffed

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving. Nice and peaceful. The pumpkin pie is almost gone, but I got the makings for another one this weekend.

Got up at O dark thirty this morning to take my mom shopping for my nephews and others she wanted to shop for. I got a few good gifts, too, while were out. But, despite fighting all the yahoos at Wal Mart and Target, we'll probably have to return the Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD because it isn't in good shape and Wal Mart overchraged for an item that was supposed to be at the bargain price if you went before the rooster crowed. So, we have to go back and get a refund or return it if they won't fix the price. Such is life.

AoD is going to get an oil change today. My mom and I are taking the little kids to the Parade of Lights tonight. Should be fun.


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