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Cast is off

Hooray! The cast is off. I now have this enormous splint on my arm. The doctor told me to "not overdo it" as I have been and to ask my husband to do the dishes. I laughed out loud at that one. He did do one load for me and took me out to eat for about week after the surgery so we could avoid the dishes. It was just really funny.

Three weeks with the splint on. Yuck. Still feels better than with the cast although I have a huge callous on my right thumb that is really bothering me. I try very hard to keep my hands soft and now I have this. *sigh* I would have been a bad pioneer woman. I'm also going to have a big scar. The doctor said he was disappointed that the scar appears to be raised. He sutured me under the skin to try to avoid that. But, I'm guessing me doing too much strained the healing process and caused it to raise a bit. I did the same thing with a scar on my left arm as a young girl. I had a pin placed in my elbow and continued playing basketball of all things. That scar is huge. Oh well.

And, just by the way, I didn't even feel it when the nurse took out my stitches. She said some guy passed out yesterday when she did that. Ha!

Off to lunch with my father-in-law and then curtain shopping. He is going to buy me some valances for my birthday.


  • At 1:07 PM, November 16, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    No worries on the picture and woo hoo on the slumber party. Should be fun. I have to be back by 10 a.m. Saturday morning for soccer practice. Do you want to drive to my house and ride with me?


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