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Undefeated season and division champs!

We wrapped up our regular season today and both teams won! Hooray.

Our oldest team finished 8-0-2. Here is the motley crew at our awards presentation today. And, no, my son isn't flashing gang signs. He is showing his drawing of the team mascot, Super Sonic. And, the smallest in the front is a little brother. Our team is definitely family oriented.

We make a big deal out of each kid and give them each an award. They get a real kick out of it. One of the moms on the older team coordinated efforts to show their appreciation and we got movie passes, a dinner out for me and AoD to a little chi chi place downtown and then gift certificates to an ice cream parlor for the whole family. But, the best part is a little book she made with letters written by each of the boys. Those are priceless.

Here is a sampling. I didn't edit them:
Dear Coach,
I think you put people in the right pisisons. It was fun playing goalie, but playing forward was more fun. Your the best coach I ever had. You are a good coach because you teach us stuff we need to know. I look forward to play next year.
love, XXXXX

Here I am writing you these few lines to tell you I Love having you a my coach so I Hope you don't Quiet on me because you've have showed me so mush as long as I can play you can teach me more 4 my best. Well again please don't quiet on me and thank you alot.

We have a great bunch of 9- and 10-year-olds and parents, too.

Here are our kids with their awards. The little team finished 3-7. Not too bad for that bunch. They came a long way from losing their first game 13-0. After that, we didn't lose by more than two or three goals, so that is not bad.

Our big team now goes to the Tournament of Champions next month. So, soccer continues.


  • At 2:48 PM, November 19, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Almost hard to believe that Hot Rod had a nice "normal" picture and didn't pull a Calvin like usual!


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