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A voice I appreciate

I have always loved Bill Cosby. I was a fan of Fat Albert as a kid and I remember his Jello commercials. Then, as I grew up, I enjoyed watching The Cosby Show and listening to his stand-up routines that sound like just about every household in America.

He just puts icing on the cake for me as the voice of reason. He shares my opinion that people need a hand up and not a hand out and he has been vocal about his opinions that minorities are equals to everyone and encourages them not to blame "the man" for holding them back. He has come under attack by members of the black community for this opinion, but I think he is right. I have a great example of this with a friend of mine who grew up in Oak Cliff, raised by an alcoholic grandmother because his teenaged prostitute mother couldn't raise him. He is now a college graduate and working at a major university. He is the perfect example of someone who didn't let his upbringing keep him down. He could have easily gave up and sucked off the government tit, but he didn't. Others saw potential in him and encouraged him and gave him opportunities and he wisely took them. Another thing about Cosby that makes him stand out is that he is actually educated on issues. I think he has post-graduate degrees that give him an inkling of knowledge that many celebrities who open their mouths lack.


  • At 12:02 PM, November 13, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've known and been friends with a lot of black folks over the years. I still have yet to meet a single on incapable of running his own life successfully without the help of paternalistic, white liberals.

    I'm also immune to any kind of white guilt, largely because my family had close black friends years before the civil rights movement made it chic.


  • At 4:24 PM, November 15, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, I tend to agree. I think, often, in an effort to help others, we make them feel needy and unable to do for themselves and that just isn't the case.


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