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Fishing is very sexual

I usually make fun of Army of Dad for watching fishing and hunting shows on the weekend mornings. But, if you are just listening and not watching, it can be quite the turn on. It sounds a bit like I imagine gay porn would sound.

First off, the hunters are always using low, whispery, breathy voices.
*have to say this in a hushed whisper*
Wow. Look at that one! Must be at least 10 inches!
At least, Earl.
Wow. I can wait to take that one down.
Let's see if you can do it one shot.
He went down hard!
Wow. He's a beauty!

Then, before I realized it, he turned to a fishing show.This guy sounded like he was going to shoot a load while he was fishing. He was out of breath, moaning and exclaiming something like Oh yeah, Oh yeah ... I figured he was telling himself silently not to shoot a load right there in the fishing boat.

I'm telling you ... it is quite the turn on. Ok, maybe not. But, if you just take the audio and dub it over a porn video or something - I'm telling you, it would work.

I dare you ... next Saturday or Sunday morning ... turn on a hunting or fishing show and then listen and don't watch ... you'll be laughing hysterically.


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