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Merry Christmas from a Ho Ho Ho!

Well, I'm feeling much better right now. I took some Vicodin while eating and it made quite the difference. Thanks to all of my friends who know enough about drugs to educate me on that. Of course EVERY muscle in my body is sore from using crutches and relying on other parts of my body to do the work my right leg and foot normally do alone. No wonder I had bone spurs. Gees Louise.

I'm taking it very slow and doing little bits of preparation and then relaxing and doing a little more. Army of Dad and Hot Rod are making a few deliveries and last-minute pick-ups for me this morning. So, I have the house to myself for a little while. Listening to my Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD - When My Heart Finds Christmas - while I do some preparations for the Christmas day meal. Very nice. I have on my Santa necklace and Santa apron. I need to make some cookie dough, so we can make some fresh cookies for Santa tonight.

I'm going to eat some of Army of Dad's homemade spaghetti sauce for lunch and then we plan to watch the Vikings today at 2:30 p.m. Go Vikes! After that, everyone should start arriving for the evening. We usually watch A Christmas Story and eat sandwiches. We open one gift each. I got to open mine already - Army of Dad got me a nice new Pyrex pie dish. He figured I should have it before I do the pumpkin pie. How considerate. *hee hee* But, after that, I usually gather the children on the stairs and read to them about the true Christmas story. Then, they're off the bed and Santa comes to visit.

You can track Santa's progress tonight using NORAD. My kids love this and we do it each year.

In the words of Harry Connick Jr: Happy Ho Ho Ho to you!


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