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A Mom's Night Before Christmas

'Twas The Night Before Christmas....Mom Style, by anonymous author

Twas the night before Christmas,
When all thru the abode,
Only one creature was stirring,
And she was cleaning the commode.

The children were finally sleeping,
All snug in their beds,
While visions of N-64 & Barbie
Flipped through their heads.

The dad was snoring
In front of the TV,
With a half-constructed bicycle
Propped on his knee.

So only the mom
Heard the reindeer hooves clatter,
Which made her sigh,
"Now what is the matter?"

With toilet bowl brush
Still clutched in her hand,
She descended the stairs,
And saw the old man.

He was covered with ashes
Which fell with a shrug;
"Oh great," muttered the mom,
"Now I have to clean the rug."

"Ho Ho Ho!" cried Santa,
"I'm glad you're awake."
"Your gift was especially
Difficult to make."

"Thanks, Santa, but all I want
Is time alone."
"Exactly!" he chuckled.
"So, I've made you a clone."

"A clone?" she muttered.
"What good is that?"
"Run along, Santa;
I've no time for chit chat."

Then out walked the clone -
The mother's twin;
Same hair, same eyes,
Same double chin.

"Fantastic!" the mom cheered.
"My dream has come true!"
"I'll shop, I'll read,
"I'll sleep a night through!"

From the room above,
The youngest did fret.
"Mommy! Come quickly,
''I'm scared & I'm wet."

The clone replied,
"I'm coming, sweetheart."
"Hey," the mom smiled.
"She sure knows her part."

The clone changed the small one
And hummed her a tune,
As she bundled the child
In a blanket cocoon.

"You're the best mommy ever;
"I really love you."
The clone smiled & sighed,
"And I love you, too."

The mom frowned & said,
"Sorry, Santa, no deal."
That's my child's LOVE
She is trying to steal."

Smiling wisely, Santa said,
"To me it is clear,
"Only one loving mother
"Is needed here."

The mom kissed her child
And tucked her in bed.
"Thank You, Santa,
for clearing my head.

"I sometimes forget
"That it won't be very long
"When they'll be too old
"For my cradle & song."

The clock on the mantle
Began to chime.
Santa whispered to the clone,
"It works every time."

With the clone by his side,
Santa said "Goodnight.
"Merry Christmas, dear Mom.
"You will be all right."

Sometimes we need reminding of what life is all about.
Especially at times during the holiday season, when all we seem to do is
clean and bake and shop and and and and and and and....You get the picture,I'm sure.

So stop for a moment and hug that little one so special,
whether he/she is 2 months or 22 years, or even older than that.


  • At 7:43 PM, December 21, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Hooray. Remember you heard it here first! I had the link to the Leaky Cauldron's prediction that the book was finished!

    Hooray Hooray! I ccan't wait. Army of Dad was in line at midnight at Hasting's to get the last one. I imagine one of us will be there again this year, too.


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