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Counting my blessings

Ack. It is 2:20 a.m. and I'm still up and making banana bread for Army of Dad to take to his co-workers and buddies tomorrow. It has been one of those days that never seems to end. My back hurts, my foot hurts and I'm losing my voice (which may be a good thing because it means I can't yell!).

I'm taking a break from the kitchen while the banana bread bakes and I check my email. I have one from my sister-in-law. In it is a Christmas card picture from the 3-year-old little girl I blogged about back in August. She was diagnosed with cancer and is doing as well as can be expected. The picture snapped me back to reality. The oldest child is disabled and the baby is bald from cancer treatments. Wow. Somehow my sassy little bastard 5-year-old and refusing-to-nap toddler seem like blessings! Pickle and I baked cookies tonight, too. It is an annual tradition for us. We've been doing it since he was a toddler. So, that was nice.

Off to bathe before I get the banana bread out of the oven and crash for a few hours before starting all over again in the morning.


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