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Six Flags kiddos

Note to self: taking two small children to Six Flags by yourself on a Friday night is not good for your sanity (or lack thereof). Honestly, they were pretty good. But, it was just rough on my back. We started off by going to see Santa Claus (again. This was our second Santa visit of the day - more than they've had this season). Little Bit warmed up a bit to this Santa and held his hand, which was a big move for her. EVERYONE at Six Flags was so nice. I was so impressed. The families visiting were friendly and the staff was outstanding. A grubby (the nickname for the staff who walks around sweeping up trash) asked if I wanted him to take a picture of me with the kids. The staff at every ride and attraction was above ordinary in their friendliness. I need to call Six Flags and brag to them. There are bathrooms just outside of the gates and as we were leaving, I asked Hot Rod if he needed to potty and he said yes. Well, those bathrooms were closed, so I told him he was out of luck. A maintenance supervisor overheard us and took us back into the park to use the bathrooms inside there. He didn't have to do that, but my son's bladder (and his mom's minivan) were very appreciative! It was just great. The kids were pretty good. Hot Rod wanted to do certain rides over and over, but I encouraged him to let us do things that Little Bit wanted to do, too. So, it was good. Hot Rod rode a little roller coaster and made friends with another little boy on it. We sledded down the snow hill. Hot Rod did it all by himself and Little Bit rode down with me. Thank God for the boys working there. They kept us safe and they were great. We rode the big train and then the antique cars before making our way to the Yosemite Sam cave ride and then to the Spongebob 4D. That is where you see the kids with the 3D glasses. The pic with the lit longhorn was outside the Yosemite Sam ride. I'm taking Hot Rod back tonight for some special Mommy and Me time. Little Bit gets time with daddy for some bonding. Fortunately AoD didn't have to work today after all. He is going to go shooting and I'm going to watch the Cowboys get decimated by the Eagles.


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