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10 minutes to kill? I have just the distraction

I chuckled at the good-hearted fun of the White House staff for this Christmas season.

If you go to the White House holiday site and then check out the BarneyCam: Where in the White House is Miss Beazley? You can get it in two different formats, but it is a hoot. It also will show people that President Bush isn't a liar because the man can't act to save his life. The best parts of the approximately nine-minute video is a little tour of the White House and its holiday decorations. But, there are some totally hilarious parts featuring Karl Rove taking the blue ornaments off the Christmas tree and replacing them with red ones. Barney gets in on one of Scott McClellan's press conferences. You'll also see Andy Card and Josh Bolten along with Mrs. Cheney.

But, the purpose of the video is to announce that President and Mrs. Bush are having an addition to the family. Yes, another little girl. Ok, not THAT kind of little girl - a new puppy!

It is funny and if you have the time to spare, it will give you a little chuckle. Stinkerbelle LOVED it and sat in my lap to watch the whole thing.


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