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Learning is fun

I love taking the children to the museum because it is one of those times when they don't realize that they're learning from their play and we have such a good time. My mother, bless her soul, gave my family a membership for our Christmas gift this year, so we took advantage of it for the first time on Saturday. It is very cool because it includes free Imax movies and we were able to call ahead and reserve our seats without having to stand in line to even get a spot for the next show. So, that was cool, too.

Pickle had a ball making ENORMOUS bubbles that fit over his body. The baby enjoyed watching that. An ancient docent was making smaller bubbles with his hands for Stinkerbelle and she thought that was grand. Hot Rod found a little device that had a conveyer belt and a little funnel that hung from a pendulum over it. Little scientists can pour sand into the funnel and move it to make designs and watch the sand travel down the conveyor belt and into a bucket. Then they could see how, as the sand diminished in the funnel, how the pattern on the conveyor belt got smaller and thinner. It was grand fun to a 5-year-old. But, the two little ones really love Kidspace and Pickle makes the best out of it with the water stuff. He loves to change the way the currents flow and dam it up and frustrate the hell out of the little kids. It is sort of funny in a sadistic way. He only does it briefly before he launches some little boat down the river and watches it flow. Stinkerbelle and Hot Rod love it, too. They also have a little grocery store section with barcode scanners, shopping carts, a cash register and all the goodies. It is a miniature version of HEB and they love it. Of course, Pickle is my countdown watch. He kept asking what time it was and how much longer till the movie. He loved it. So did the other two. We saw it last Christmas, too, so I didn't feel like I was missing anything and caught a little catnap in the middle of it.

Starting last Christmas season, I took a picture of the children in this Dino Tub. I may make it an annual tradition to see how they've grown!

Here is one example of the giant bubbles hewas making. He was making some big enough to cover him!

Hot Rod with the sand thing.

All three kids REALLY like the water table.

It was a lot of fun and the children were well-behaved, so that made it nice. We treated the kids to McDonald's for lunch and the two little ones played on the playground there, as well. They both crashed in the car on the drive home. Army of Dad and I got to go out last night. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping after dinner and rented Dodgeball. I laughed my ass off AGAIN. He thought it was moderately funny, but those Dodgeball scenes are hilarious. Not for the kiddos, but funny FUNNY stuff to me.


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