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Did I offend you? So sorry - now screw off!

I am so fed up with political correctness that it makes me want to spew. I don't have a single Jewish friend or acquaintance who gets his or her panties in a wad if someone says Merry Christmas to them. They just smile and nod. Occasionally, they may mention that they're Jewish and they celebrate Hannukah, but they don't start off into a moonbat-induced tirade.

WBAP radio show host Mark Davis got the area in a tizzy Thursday when he started railing on Parker County for not putting up a nativity set on the grounds because an atheist group objected. Well, he had his information incorrect. The county isn't putting up ANY displays and one reason is that no one wants to offend anyone. Some California governmental entity that I heard about won't put up their traditional holiday display because some dude got his whitey-tighties in a wad. Gees, people. Let it go. If there was some giant mennorah on the courthouse lawn or even some Kwannza (which I still feel is a made-up holiday to make black people feel good) display, I could care less. As long as there aren't human sacrifices or tributes to Charles Manson, I'm okay with all of it. I'm glad the USPS has stamps for all three winter holidays. But, some people just go too far.

Target kicking out the bell ringers because they don't want to have to allow every group who asks a spot on the front steps is yet another example to me of how everyone wants to play fair and not offend everyone. Guess what? I'm offensive. If you don't like it, take a hike. One of my dear friends cringes sometimes when I'm making fun of certain groups for their really bad driving or for wearing their pants down around their damn thighs instead of pulled up. Guess what? I'm not being hateful and I'm not saying anything that isn't true. I'm a redneck and guess what? I may cringe when you crack a redneck joke simply because it hits too close to home, but I'll admit there is truth in what you say.

WBAP had a great example of a PC Christmas song. It is pretty funny, but it is frustrating at the same time because people are REALLY like this.

Gees. I hate political correctness, although I do like a PC description of me as vertically challenged.


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