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Sports stuff

This sounds infinitely more interesting to me as a Superbowl halftime show than does Paul McCartney. All I can say is that if Paul shows us a tit, I may lose my lunch. But, then again, his tits may be about as perky as Janet's were, too.

This is kind of neat, especially in light of my cousin's transplant success Monday. The Mavericks are hosting Organ Donor Night in honor of Alonzo Mourning - the NBA player who just received a kidney transplant from his cousin. Some 50 North Texas organ transplant recipients will appear on the court at the American Airlines Center during halftime of tonight's home game againstthe New Jersey Nets to represent the 50 lives that can be saved by one organ donor.

That is remarkable. 50 lives by one donor. You can sign an organ donor card, but you need to make your next of kin aware of your wishes. Even if you have signed a donor card, but your spouse, parent, legal guardian, whoever opposes it, it is their wish that the doctors will follow.

But, anyway ... still thinking I may pay $5 or whatever to see naked chicks over Paul McCartney unless their a special South Park during halftime. I remember watching Beavis and Butthead years ago and the Man Show I think had something last year or the year before.


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