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Christmas cookies and dilemmas

Whew! Talk about multi-tasking. I was making homemade Christmas cookies for Boo's school party this afternoon while doing a job interview on the phone. Yes, you heard me. A job interview. Yikes! A former boss of mine, who has recruited me to do several jobs, emailed me this morning about filling a temporary position where he works. It would be a great opportunity to do something I enjoy while expanding my repertoire a bit and taking on some supervisory positions as well. Temporary, in this case, means six to nine months. It is all contingent on a giant construction project. When it is completed, the job is done. But, it sounds fun and exciting. The extra income could help facilitate a speedier repayment of our bills, but it will also mean putting the kids in daycare. The boys could go to after-school care provided at the school through the city.

Too many things to think about ... off to run errands and let my mind clear.


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