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Beware the waterworks

The holidays always make me cry. That isn't saying alot, because I'm a cryer. But, seriously, everything seems to hit me a little harder during the holidays. I feel so blessed to have all that I do in my life: a wonderful (albeit Type A personality) husband, beautiful and energetic (is that the PC way to say it?) children, a fabulous family, great friends, a nice house, etc. etc.

But, I know it is bad when a commercial for the NFL makes me cry. *sigh*

The commercial shows Plaxico "my mom was smoking crack when she named me" Burress catching a TD pass and then running to the sideline and handing the football to this precious little boy, who proceeds to run down to his dad and then the exchanges of high fives. The commercial ends with a caption "It is truly better to give than to receive." To which I start choking back the tears. Good Lord. It sucks to be this emotional. I mean, I know it is who I am and I know it is what drives me to try to achieve Super-Stardom (picture me doing the Mary Katherine - sometimes when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my arms and then *sniff* - SUPERSTAR!) .... anyway.

Back to cooking and watching my Cowboys LEAD - yes you read that right - LEAD the Eagles at halftime!!!! Okay, so it is only 7-6, but still. Figures. I've got McNabb on my fantasy team and I'm playing Army of Dad this week. Great. He is going to kill me.


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