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Fat lip

My sweet little precious prissy 2-year-old just head-butted me and gave me a fat lip.

She was sitting in my lap and laughing. I was giving her kisses when she head-butts me out of nowhere. I sternly tell her no. In typical 2-year-old fashion, she laughs hysterically and head-butts me again. Except this time blood and profanities begin to flow out of my mouth. I pick her up and put her on Army of Dad's comforter, which was in the floor for her to lay on. She looks at me horrified and begins to cry. I go in the bathroom and close the door to keep from being REALLY evil and wipe the blood out of my lip.

When I calm down and leave the bathroom, Hot Rod is sitting by Stinkerpie and comforting her. He proceeds to fuss at me for yelling at the baby and making her cry. I proceed to tell him to back off buddy. I'm glad you're comforting your sister, but she needs to learn not to head-butt people, especially after she was told to stop.

He decides now is a good time to return to the X-box. I sit back at the computer and Stinkerpie comes over to me. "My eye," she says. She points to a tear still in the corner of her eye. To this, my swollen fat lip suddenly doesn't feel so bad. She crawls up in my lap and gives me a gentle hug. "I'm sorry I yelled at you, but please don't head-butt me," I tell her. "Rorry mommy. Wuv you," she replies as she toddles off before pulling a stack of clean and folded clothes off the back of the chair.

Kid 1
Mom 0

Yeah, Yeah, I know. Stinkerpie just took me on a ride on the Good Ship Lollypop and I'm a big sucker.


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