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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I feel like oatmeal

Or maybe poorly made mashed potatoes or Malt-o-meal for that matter.

Just call me lumpy.

Went to the doctor this morning ... he said the lump had grown from the original mammogram and ultrasound on Aug. 13, but not so much that he felt we needed to remove it just yet since it is benign. However, he suggested we do a repeat mammogram and sonogram in about 12 months. I asked him if we could make it six months since it had grown in just six months and he agreed that would be prudent. He said if it grows again in that time, then we would remove it. I didn't talk to him about the surgical implications. I'm guessing it would be a lumpectomy, but I don't know what that involves regarding reconstructive surgery or how they can do that cosmetically. I just don't know. I'm not anxious to have a lump or to have my breast whittled on. He did say if I started having any symptoms - pain, a visible lump, nipple discharge - to come back immediately. The knot can't be felt externally, just by the way, but I have enormous boobs.


The news could be worse. I expected this to be honest. I have been prone to tumors my entire life. I had cancerous tumors removed from my face in six or seven different operations when I was a child. I had an ovarian cyst removed as a young adult as well as the lesions on my cervix last September, too. So, this is really no big shock. My mother had a radical mastectomy when I was in college for breast cancer and she has had the remaining breast whittled on a few times to where it is about half the size it used to be. So, honestly, I feel strangely torn between being optimistic that this isn't cancer to apprehensive at having surgery on my breasts. AoD and I are both fond of them.


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