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Ack! February

I have two calendars at work. One is a wall calendar of penguins. Lovable (albeit stinky) little creatures that they are. Just flipped over the calendar to February and the penguin is a GIANT king penguin that fills the entire frame of the photo and his beady little birdlike eye is staring at me, sort of. It is creepy and I keep feeling like someone is looking at me.

Then, I flipped over my geeky Lord of the Rings desk calendar thing and for Feb. 1, I have the eye of Sauron looking at me from that gazing ball thing that Pippin couldn't leave alone. Why couldn't Pippin be looking at me instead of the eye of Sauron? I could be having happy thoughts of Pippin Hobbitt love instead of crouching under my desk waiting for the eye of the Penguin and the eye of Sauron to gang up on me with the collective evil eye. At least tomorrow I have a giant picture of the horsemen of Rohan to look at instead of the evil eye.



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