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Deadlines, fried chicken and the SuperBowl

Well, I've successfully procrastinated writing my homeland security story and go put it off no longer. It is due in the morning, so I've got to write it today. I want to be done before game time, too. Made a quick trip to Kroger this morning to pick up a few snacks and was successfully lured into buying one of their Super Bowl promotions: $7.99 for 16 pieces of fried chicken, a big box of potato wedges and a 2-liter of Dr Pepper. We'll be eating fried chicken for lunch for the rest of the week. That was a lot of chicken!

Back to writing. AoD is playing Halo 2 online, Stinkerbelle is napping and Hot Rod is grounded from the TV for being a stinker at school this week. So, he is flitting around and playing. Pickle went with his dad for the day.

You know, I think it is sort of appropriate that that I'm listening to shooting (even if it is just Halo 2 on Xbox live) in the background while I write about homeland security.


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