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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Whew, what a whirlwind day!

Caught a couple of minutes during my lunch break to FINALLY blog a bit. I knew as I learned the ropes at work that I wouldn't have time to blog during the day. Well, it has happened.

I'm no longer a hapless minion.

I now have a badge and access to company vehicles. BWWAAHHAHAHAAHA!!!! Be afraid. I'm going solo today escorting an artist to the new Grand Hyatt, where his work of art will be. He will be able to examine where his artwork will be. We also have a media relations person going with us to shoot him (on video, not bang shoot) while he does this. So, that should be interesting. Tomorrow, I'm escorting the the publisher/owner of the former newspaper I worked for, along with some others, on a tour. Then, Wednesday, I'm escorting vendors into a terminal to check out the site for a big shindig we're having this spring when our new train opens. The party planner is from L.A. and asked me to do that. Wow. Feels weird to have authority.

This could go to my head.


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